EPDM Rubber roofing

Generally all EPDM rubber is the same; different companies do different things with it,  I explain and demonstrate the differences in this video.

 What is EPDM rubber?

EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) is a man made rubber that’s been around a long time. A good example is the rubber that’s used around car doors or windscreens, out in all weather and exposed to the sun for years.

Advantages of EPDM rubber:

  • Relatively cheapEPDM Rubber Roofing
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and durable
  • Comes in large sheets

Disadvantages of the EPDM system:

  • One colour – Black
  • Transfers heat down into the roof
  • Looks like a patchwork quilt if fitted to a complicated roof

Good example of an EPDM roof:

Let’s look at your options if you want to replace an old roof:

Option 1: Stripping

Strip the roof of the old covering and replace with a new covering.
Now, if you start to strip the roof you get all sorts of other options open up.

  • Should I have a temporary roof put up over the old roof to protect the building?
  • How do I get all the old materials off the roof?
  • What is the cost of dumping the rubbish?
  • What is the cost of stripping the roof?
  • Stripping the roof will trigger part L1B of the building regulations, and I will have to insulate the roof.

Option 2: Overlaying with EPDM rubber

Overlaying the roof with EPDM rubber:
  • Only if  the old roof is insulated or you are going to put some sort of separation barrier between the new EPDM and the old roof.
  • Only if the old flat roof is smooth and is not detailed

You may be interested in the following videos:

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