Roof Overlay Systems

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What is a Roof Overlay Systems ?

Overlaying means applying a new waterproofing membrane over the old roof covering.

Why would I want to overlay my old roof covering?

  • Save the cost of stripping the old roof
  • Saves the environment as no materials dumped in land fill 
  • Less invasive so we can finish quicker, less chance of weather changing whilst undertaking the work   

Can every roof be overlaid ?

Around 85% of roofs can be overlaid.

So how do I know if I can overlay my roof or not?

  • If the old roof looks good, flat and sound then it can probably be overlaid
  • If the roof is sagging, spongy to walk on, up and down ‘all over the place’, then probably not 

Photos of roofs that cannot be overlaid
Photos of roofs that can be overlaid

Videos of roofs that can and cannot be overlaid.


Can I overlay and insulate to the new Building Regulations?

Yes, if the roof is sound enough to overlay, then it should be OK to insulate to the new Building Regulation

Case Study

Roof Overlay Systems GacoRoof

Roof Overlay Systems felt This is a Mosque in East London, the original flat roof was a asphalt roof covered with ceramic tiles, over the years it had leaked and roof repairs had been undertaken  using several different systems.
A major overhaul was undertaken and a new felt roof was fitted over the top on a timber frame. After this didn’t solve the leaks the owners decided to seek a more long-term solution.
Roof Overlay Systems gacoroofThey contacted London Flat Roofing and we surveyed the roof supplied a report and set out several options  of how to solve the problem.
One of the solutions we put forwards was the overlaying of the roof using the Gacoroof roofing system. Like normal cost is a big factor and the cost of overlaying a roof is significantly cheaper than the complete renewal.

It was agreed with the owners of the Mosque that they would strip the roof and deal with the removal of all the rubbish. London Flat roofing would then attend the property and carry out the application of the Gacoroof roofing system. As an overlay system the Gacoroof roofing system is a perfect example of an overlay system.

Different areas of the roof were prepared for us and given over, we applied the overlay system and completed the roof  in  sections completing the works within two weeks.

The owners of the Mosque now have a roof that will last for probably over 40 years with little or no maintenance at a price that they could afford.

Roof Overlay Systems

Most other roofing systems are used as new roof where the above systems are primarily used as  roof overlay systems and not for new roofs.


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