About Us

Welcome to London Flat Roofing

We specialise in maintaining and installing all types of flat roofs in and around London and even the home counties.

With over 30 years experience working on some of London’s most prestigious rooftops (and some not so prestigious) there is literally no flat roofing problem that we have not come up against. From Asphalt roofs to Zinc flat roofing systems; we’ve installed and maintained it all.

Steve Dickinson

Why Choose Us?

All of our friendly and courteous operatives are fully CSCS qualified and have undertaken training on the many flat roofing systems available on the market today.

A ‘Flat Roof” is not as simple as it sounds. With London’s array of unique building designs; there are literally hundreds of variations of flat roofs and flat roofing systems. Our founder Steve Dickinson has emerged as the leading authority on London’s flat roofs and his Youtube channel has attracted almost 2 Million views with great feedback from Colleges, Tradesman and Customers alike.

If you’re looking for a flat roofing company to simply pop around and redo your asphalt garage roof then we highly recommend finding someone as local as possible, check their references and if everything makes sense then get them to do this straight forward and simple task. However if your flat roof is a total access nightmare with more nooks and crannies than an East End side alley then you should definitely give us a shout. It’s the sort of challenge we relish and the sort of stuff we are really good at.

Over 30 Years of Excellence

London Flat Roofing started out in 1980 as a general building maintenance company, building extensions, loft conversions and basements.

We secured an ongoing contact with a major insurance company doing search and find for water damage in new build property. This led us to discover the new roofing materials and the problems that occur if they are not fixed correctly. We then became interested in Building Control vapour barriers and dew-points, and the rest is history.

We have now trained in several roofing materials but we are not tied to any manufacturer. A large part of our work is still the replacement of roofs that don’t perform correctly. When replacing a roof or making changes due to a problem, one should always take into account the impact this change will have on the remainder of the building.

Buildings are ‘breathing’ things; old buildings in London were designed to ‘breathe’, but today’s technologies are stopping this from happening. Building Control are always playing catch up, making up the regulations as they go along. If a problem is found, they rectify the specifications in the next amendment.

If you need your flat roof replaced or repaired then contact us for a free no obligation estimation.

We can also offer you an in depth flat roof survey of your “existing” or “new” flat roof. (now includes video) Whether you are enquiring about a residential roof or a commercial roof, rest assured help is only a phone call away.