3M™ SD 650

Decking Over GRP Roof Pimlico

Problem With GRP Flat Roof

7 years ago we bought a 3 storey house in Pimlico with the intention of retiring there sometime around 2014. One of the attractions of the property was that the entire roof was a roof garden of some 45.1 square metres. We did the place up in order to rent it, which included installing a new GRP roof and new lead flashings. We then put timber decking over this as the walking surface of the roof garden.

Badly Laid GRP Flat Roof

GRP Flat Roofing Issues

Having viewed most of your videos on your YouTube channel, I’m wondering if you cover the Portsmouth area for a small flat roof covering? I’m planning a 7m x 3m extension utilising a warm roof construction I think. The roof will also have a 3m x 1m roof light in it.


Cleaning an Old Asphalt Flat Roof

Stripping the old system can work out expensive not only to the property owner but to the enviroment as the materials will all go to land fill when dumped. In the video I show you how we clean the top surface of an old asphalt roof and start the process of capping the old roof with one of the new liquid roofing systems the new SD650 roofing system from 3m.