Thermal Imaging Roof Surveys London

Thermal Imaging Roof Surveys save on costs, as the path of water or the damp map can be located/ traced through thermographic inspection, providing essential information as to the spread of water and the extent of the water damage.

This, in turn, can facilitate the quantification of damage for insurance and structural drying purposes, and assist with point specific repair works negating interference with unaffected surfaces.

Our efficient office team will take your details, and provide you a client reference number; this will appear upon all correspondence. Once we have established the nature of your call or email, and whether it is an emergency or not, we will then act accordingly.

Thermal Imaging Roof Survey

Independent Thermal Imaging Surveys For Roofs

Our IR Thermographers will record an IR and DC image of every zone of the roof inspected which serves as a baseline for later reference. It also satisfies insurers that the job has been completed adequately.

Our thermographers travel to site and carry out either Qualitative or Quantitative thermal imaging surveys, in accordance with the nature of the work and your instruction.

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Thermal Imaging Roof Survey Reports

Our thermal imaging technicians will record an IR and DC image for all affected and unaffected areas of the site where necessary, which opens a trending programme on the equipment; a baseline for later reference.

On completion of a thermal imaging survey, our thermographer will issue our thermal imaging report to our client via email (in .pdf format) and make them aware of problems, specifically critical issues that could need prompt attention.

Thermal Imaging Survey Images

All images are analysed and critiqued to form the basis of our professional thermal imaging report. The nature of such a comprehensive recording process forms the basis of a schedule of condition which also satisfies insurers that the job has been completed adequately.

We offer a service whereby, within 72 hours following the survey, we can provide the full thermal imaging report; swifter turnaround times are available upon request.

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