Cheap Flat Roofs

Two things go to make a roof cheaper the cost of the materials and the labour to lay the materials. Gacoroof is not only cheaper to buy by 30% its also around 50% cheaper to lay as no primers and no embedment layer, two stages that just don’t have to be undertaken. So you may ask what’s the catch?

New Flat Roof Wembley HA0

New Flat Roof Wembley HA10

As you can see when I went to look at this roof it was cold and snow was still around. Apart from the flashings being all over the place the roof looked quite flat, an easy one to overlay! If you look at the roof around the pipe in the center you can see that its cracked and the roof is actually leaking badly from this area, its very hard to get the old type felts to dress around details like the pipe.