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Why Asphalt is Used for Steps

Asphalt is a very hard-wearing material which can last for a minimum of 30 years when implemented in the correct way. This method is commonly used predominantly for flat roofs but is typically popular with regard to forecourts, concourses, exterior steps, stairs, pathways and driveways.

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Asphalt Step Repair London

How Asphalt Steps Should be Constructed

Asphalt steps present themselves in all dimensions and shapes, with railings, open area, pathways or straightforward doorway steps. Are yours looking worn-out? Recreational asphalt offers a tidy and long lasting protection to any of the above.

Treads should be formed in roofing quality mastic asphalt and laid in a couple of coats to a thickness of 25mm, the primary coat being 10mm thick and the second coat being 15mm thick including 10% to 15% of additional 3mm coarse aggregate, excluding a separating membrane.

Risers should really be formed in roofing grade mastic asphalt and applied in 2 coats to a thickness of 13mm, performed before laying treads. Strings should really be created in roofing grade mastic asphalt and applied in a couple of coats to a thickness of 13mm, dressed into a continual 25mm x 25mm chase, created either parallel to the pitch of the steps or stepped vertically and horizontally to follow the line of the treads and risers. Strings over 300mm high to be placed in several coats to a thickness of 20mm.

Asphalt Steps London

Where Can Asphalt Steps Be Installed?

  • Any flight of steps at your property.
  • Domestic dwellings.
  • Schools and hospitals to replace damp wood flooring.
  • Heavy duty industrial units for a smooth surface.
  • Car parks.
  • Loading bays.
  • Pavements.

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