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Roof leak detection using thermal imaging can show exactly where problems are located; by tracking down and monitoring thermal gradients, our experts can keep track of the extent of structural or water damage, which could be extremely important in terms of damage control.

We are tremendously skilled in thermal imaging water leak discovery procedures; contact us today for a discussion about how we can track down your roof leak, whether it is a flat roof or pitched roof.

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Flat Roof Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging Roof Leak Detection Benefits

Many other techniques for roof leak detection, apart from thermal imaging leak detection, could possibly involve destructive works. With thermal imaging, we depend on the temperature differences of structural materials vs the leak source/water.

With thermal imaging roof leak detection, we look at the denseness of materials in terms of their capacity to put out energy or keep energy. The wetter an object is, the denser it is, thereby the longer it will take to change temperature.

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Roof Leak Detection Specialists

Our roof surveyors use advanced technology and advanced methods to ascertain the exact location of any water leak rapidly and with absolutely minimum damage to the roof itself.

Our thermal imaging roof leak inspection will track the dampest locations back to their root, and can therefore get to the bottom of where the roof leak is!

Our roof leak inspection services are but a fraction of the expense of conventional techniques.

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Roof leak detection in any home or commercial property can be rather tricky to find. The disturbance and not to mention cost of finding the source of your roof leak can be substantial. The last problem you will want is more disruption and cost via intrusive searching procedures without a guarantee the roof leak can be found and stopped.

Our roof leak detection service not only saves you money, but helps save time, convenience, and peace of mind too. We promise we’ll find your roof leak.

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