New Flat Roof

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What is a new flat roof?New flat roof chiswick

  1. If you have a new building you will have a new flat roof built to the new building regulations.
  2. If you have an old building and you remove the old roof covering and replace it with a new covering, this is also a new flat roof .
  3. If you have an old building and you overlay or cap the old roof (don’t strip it) then this is not classed as a new roof .

Be Very Careful!

The second option above may trigger building regulations Part L1b, and this will mean you may have to insulate the roof, even if you don’t want to!

An alternative is to use an overlay roofing system, therefore not stripping the old roof and not triggering the building regulation.

Choosing the best roofing system for your roof.

Follow these simple rules, and remember “The roof chooses the system not the roofer“!

  • If the roof is large and plain, a Sheet Roofing Material is probably best.
  • If the roof is complicated with lots of detail, a liquid roofing system is best.
  • If you are overlaying an old roof, a Liquid Roofing System is probably best.

As you can see choosing a new flat roof with all the regulations that are involved today is not as straightforward as one would think.
Using an overlay system is just as effective as a new roof, we use the wording overlay system to get around the building regulations, overlay systems are in fact new roof systems but used over the flat roof structure typically going over old tar based flat roofs such as Mineral Felt or Asphalt. If the old roof is in a good condition insulation can be fixed over the old flat roof covering and then the roofing system over that to form a new flat roof.

The above is a general rule of thumb. If you need any more information please contact me:
Steve Dickinson 07802 300 099