New Flat Roof Systems

Parapet Wall Chimney Pots Being Dressed With EPDM Single Ply Rubber

This gives an idea as to what we were up against. Our specification for this new flat roof was to strip the old roof, apply insulation and re-roof using EPDM rubber. Just what we were going to do with the parapet walls and chimneys was always going to be up for debate and, as part of the pricing, we had discussed that a Provisional Costs (PC) sum should be put to one side to deal with the renovation of this area.


Old Felt Flat Roof Being Replaced With A New EPDM Rubber Roof

This old mineral felt roof was covering ten garages. We stripped the old leaking mineral felt covering and removed all the old decking, fixed new joists then new decking with Sterling board (not ply). Then we re-roofed the garages using EPDM rubber as this is a long-lasting material with a lifespan of over 40 years, and is perfect for large open areas.