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Have you got an old Asphalt roof that is in bad repair and showing signs of failure and water ingress?

We have been dealing with the repair and maintenance of flat asphalt roofing for over 3 decades. We have dealt with hundreds of asphalt roof issues and would be happy to deal with yours.

We have an array of flat roofing systems to suit your budget and timescales as well as the severity of the asphalt roof failure.

Get in touch with us and we will respond promptly and can even attend the property the same day in an emergency, for example, severe water ingress.

Fixing an Asphalt Flat Roof

Our method of maintaining asphalt roofing varies according to conditions such as the age of the roof (asphalt has long been used for roofing since the 19th century), and the scale of the damage. Naturally, we’ll give you alternatives where they are available, but in many cases replacing the roof often is the most cost-effective method long-term.

Minor repairs can often take place on the same day as the initial inspection survey. For more substantial repairs we will need to undertake a full flat roof survey and present you with the best course of action to take.

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Asphalt Roofing London

Problems With Asphalt Roofs

Undoubtedly one of the fundamental issues with asphalt flat roofs is their susceptibility to wear and tear due to the massively variable climate conditions that we have in the UK. Asphalt is susceptible to the heating and cooling conditions from the sun. For this reason it is very important that asphalt flat roofs are created with significant care and finished with a final layer that can help to reflect, and lessen the effect, of the suns rays.

This is more often than not done by implementing a layer of stones over the finished flat roof ; this may also be achieved with the application of a final coat of solar reflective paint. This may not be always carried out, encouraging quick wear of the asphalt covering contributing to premature degeneration of the flat roof.

If your asphalt has failed and blisters, cracks or shrinking has occurred then be sure to contact us ASAP as this can quickly turn into water ingress and leaks which ultimately lead to more costly damage.

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Asphalt Roof Maintenance

Asphalt roofs are hard-wearing and fairly easy and quick to repair. The most commonly encountered issues seen in asphalt roofing are ; cracks and shrinkage of the asphalt, sagging in unsupported areas and blistering. To repair asphalt roof damage, we implement liquid-based materials, which fill the broken areas and offer long-lasting leak resistance for your property.

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With many years of working experience in dealing with asphalt roof repair and maintenance you can rest assured that when dealing with us you are dealing with a professional company who take great pride in our work and the positive feedback that comes from it.

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