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Cold Roof Insulation

The Benefits of a New Cold Roof

There are numerous benefits and advantages of upgrading your roof to a cold roof, including:

  • A cold roof or roof insulation is very easy to install.
  • A cold roof insulates the property which enables to save on the energy bill.
  • A cold roof can easily be done as a DIY project, although it is not reccomeneded.
  • A cold roof is cheaper to install when compared to warm roofs.

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Video of Cold Roof Construction

This video shows the key components and insulation location of a cold flat roof.

New Cold Roof London

What is a cold roof? How is it constructed and what are some of the benefits?

A cold roof isn’t as cold as the title suggests. In this technique, insulation is laid between the rafters and since the only thing between rafters is empty space, this is a relatively low impact way to insulate your roof. Typically the cost of retrofitting this type of roof is generally less than a warm roof, however, the thermal value is not as good.

In this traditional form of thermal roof design, the thermal insulation layer is placed below the structural decking. This insulates the voids in the roof between the deck and the ceiling. This type of thermal design is prone to “cold bridging” whereby water vapour, caused by the warm air, condenses on cold surfaces within the roof space, causing condensation and mould.

These types of roofs are not recommended for new flat roof builds, because of the difficulties in providing a ventilation system and the obstacle of avoiding cold bridging.

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