Roof Decking

Stripping an Old Felt Roof Laid Onto Decking

Note the little dots on the decking, indicating they opted to use a perforated 1st coat of felt. The idea behind this is that the 2nd coat of felt will only partially bond to the decking. This ensures that when it fails, the next roofer can remove the old felt without having to hack away at the decking. This can be a common problem, because when roofers don’t follow manufacturers’ instructions, and fully bond the roof, the cost of removing the old roof covering could be considerably more expensive.


Kemperol V210 Flat Roof in Pinner, With Insulation, Decking and Roof Tiles

This old flat roof above a shop in Pinner was leaking for some time. As it’s a walkway to the flat above, the new roof had to have tiles over the top. This roof was well constructed so we were able to use normal concrete tiles rather than promenade tiles. The roof walls were insulated using Kingspan insulation to a depth of 100mm, then a new decking over the top with the Kemperol V210 System.


Rotted Decking To A Flat Roof

The decking to this flat roof has completely deteriorated. Back in the 70s it was the custom to lay flat roofs on chipboard or straw board. As you can see in the video, when water gets through to the roof decking it’s completely destroyed and cannot even support the weight of the roof laid upon it. The entire roof collapses and there is no alternative but to completely strip the roof back to the bare joists and start again.