Brick Pointing London

Have you got brickwork with mortar joints that appear to be flakey and crumbling away?

We have been dealing with the repair and maintenance of brick pointing repair for over 3 decades. We take great pride in our ability to match new with the old and give tired looking brickwork a new lease of life by professionally repointing it and preventing further maintenance issues arising.

Get in touch with us and we will respond promptly and arrange to view the defective brickwork and provide a quote for repointing.

Brickwork Mortar Joint Repairs and Maintenance

When you have roof work carried out to your property its not always the roof that needs replacing but also necessary repair works to the rain water goods such as gutters and down pipes, one of the areas often missed is the pointing of the brickwork.

Brick is among the most valued exteriors for properties due to the fact it’s so attractive and simple to maintain. Yet through the years, water, ice and seasonal expansion and contraction all harm the solid mass of a brick wall at its most elastic  point: the mortar joints.

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Brickwork Repointing London

What is Pointing or Repointing?

Mortar joints degrade where ever water can saturate, places like windows and walls, around chimneys, behind guttering plus many other areas. Repairing deteriorating and cracked mortar joints is called pointing or repointing. It involves removing the defecting mortar and replacing it with new.

Brickwork Mortar Joint Repair London

Brick Pointing Estimates

We at London Flat Roofing carry out complete management of a job arranging for the scaffolding roofing work and pointing. Whist the scaffolding is up consideration as to if it can be utilised to carry out other works must be taken into account , works such as new windows painting and decorating.

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