Flat Roof Overlay System

Kemperol v210 Balcony Overlay

The customer’s insurance company made the decision to dress over this new, but leaking, asphalt balcony. The roofing details to the parapet wall and the railings are very poor; the roof was leaking in several places. As the majority of the roof is detail and to dismantle the windows and the railing would be expensive, the decision was to take a two stage approach to stopping the roof from leaking.


Kemperol Self-terminating System

Kemper is a liquid flat roofing membrane, it is not an EPDM rubber liquid. Kemper is a liquid resin that’s impregnated into a fleece fabric to give it depth and strength. As it’s a liquid flat roofing material it is easily applied to roofs with lots of detail on them. If we were to use a sheet roofing material e.g., sheet EPDM rubber, we would have to cut and patch the rubber in lots of different places, thus taking away the properties of using sheet materials.


Liquid Plastic Over An Old Felt Roof

Stripping and re-laying the roof to the correct falls was an option the customer thought was too expensive, so it was decided that this flexible liquid roofing system would be used. The system is basically glass fibre ‘GRP’, but the resins have been modified especially for roofing applications like this roof. The end result is extremely satisfying, looks good and can come with guarantees of up to 25 years, depending on the layers we use to build up the covering.