EPDM Rubber Videos

What is EPDM Rubber?

An introduction to EPDM rubber roofing.

EPDM Rubber Over New Decking

We insulate this roof using sheep’s wool insulation and  fibre board, so the roof can breathe. We didn’t have to use a vapour barrier.

EPDM Over Garages

Garages at Hampton Court Palace – EPDM over new OSB decking.

EPDM Over Insulation

Before the EPDM rubber goes down, we have to build up the roof using tapered insulation. You can see on this video how soft the roof is with the insulation just laid over the EPDM and no decking.

EPDM Rubber Over Garage

The decking on this old garage roof had rotted away, so a new OSB decking was used and new EPDM rubber was placed over, with new flashings.

EPDM Rubber – Badly Fitted

I did a survey on this EPDM flat roof because it was reported to be leaking. If you look at the way the EPDM has been laid, you can see why the roof was leaking.

EPDM Badly fitted Over Felt

This EPDM rubber has been fitted over the old felt without a  separation membrane, also the joints are not properly made and are probably leaking. EPDM should not be fitted over mineral felt or asphalt without a separation membrane.

EPDM Flat Roof With Insulation

We changed the falls of this large asphalt roof using tapered insulation, then overlaid it with RubberBond EPDM rubber.

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