Kemperol V210

Kemperol V210 is a 3-component, polyester-based system that forms a flexible  seamless roof.

It is a 3-component, polyester-based system that forms a permanently elastic, seamless, yet highly vapour permeable membrane. Extremely durable and tear-resistant, it has excellent crack bridging capabilities and can accommodate structural details and penetrations without the need for additional mechanical fixings.

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Kemperol V210

Kemperol V210 Flat Roofing System

Kemperol is suited to a wide range of applications, typically flat or profiled metal roof waterproofing, and may be applied over existing materials and in extreme situations when other methods are likely to fail.

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Advantages of the Kemperol V210 system:

  • Wet on wet  with an embedment fleece.
  • Cure time within  30mins.
  • Flat roofs will have no joints.
  • Up to 20 year  guarantee from Kemper.

Disadvantages of the Kemperol V210 system:

  • Complicated  to mix and messy.
  • Very smelly ( Low odour option available).
  • Not a good looking system when completed.
  • Mid price.

Option 1: Stripping

Strip the roof of the old covering and replace with a new covering. Now, if you start to strip the roof you get all sorts of other options open up.

  • Should I have a temporary roof put up over the old roof to protect the building?
  • How do I get all the old materials off the roof?
  • What is the cost of dumping the rubbish?
  • What is the cost of stripping the roof?
  • Stripping the roof will trigger part L1B of the building regulations, and I will have to insulate the roof.

Kemperol is Self-terminating

This video shows how Kemperol self-terminates on flat roofs.

Option 2: Overlaying

Overlaying the roof with the Kemperol v210 roofing system:

  • No need for a temporary flat roof over the top as the roof will not be opened up.
  • No need for insulation.
  • Only remove the old stones and prepare the surface of the old flat roof ready for overlaying.
  • Overlay the roof using the Kemperol system.

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