Kemperol V210 Videos

What is Kemperol V210?

Steven Dickinson explains what Kemperol V210 is and how we use it.

Kemperol V210 New Roof and Decking

We strip the old roof, lay new decking and then Kemperol v210 with paving stones over the top.

Kemperol V210 Balcony

This was a new flat roof that leaked. The detailing around the flashings was difficult to dress, however with the Kemperol v210 system this becomes easy as it self-terminates.

Kemperol V210 Box Gutter

This box gutter is in a very difficult place to form. and once it’s formed, maintenance will be difficult, so we are relying on the Kemperol v210 system and the fact that there are no joints to cause problems.

Kemperol V210 Over New Insulation

We lay the Kemperol V210 over new decking on insulation, over old asphalt that’s acting as the vapour barrier.

Kemperol V210 Around Skylights

We show how the Kemperol v210 can be dressed around a skylight, and also how it can be fixed to itself if adjustments need to be made at a later date.

Kemperol V210 Overlaid on Asphalt Roof

The Kemperol V210 is perfect for overlaying  over Mineral Felt and Asphalt, its also extremely good for caping parapet walls.

Kemperol V210 Self-terminating to Walls

This video demonstrates how we can encapsulate parapet walls and dress flashings  using Kemperals v210 self terminating properties.

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