Liquid Plastic Flat Roofing

Liquid plastic roofing system is based around Decothane high performance polyurethane, reinforced with glass fibres.

Although not strictly a structural roofing material, liquid plastic roofing provides yet another avenue for developers and contractors to go down, offering a huge range of advantages.

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) have long-since awarded liquid roofing solutions with quality assurance approvals (dating back to the mid-1970s), so you can be sure that the materials used in the coatings are of a high performance standard.

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Liquid Flat Roofing

Liquid Flat Roofing Systems

Here at London Flat Roofing, we offer first rate liquid plastic roofing systems across the London area, calling on 30 years of experience in the industry to ensure the highest quality performance every time.

So if your roof is in need of repair and you need a cost-effective, durable solution that keeps your roof watertight, call on London Flat Roofing today for the best liquid roofing systems available.

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Advantages of the Liquid Plastic System

  • Can be applied over most substrates without primers, saving installation costs.
  • When cured it’s very flexible.
  • Bright, reflective finishes, so it’s good for an overlay system.
  • No maintenance for its lifespan.
  • System guarantees from 10 to 25 years from Liquid Plastic.

Disadvantages of the Liquid Plastic system:

  • Two part application extends laying time.
  • GRP embedment materials needed.
  • Very smelly for workers and occupants.
  • Expensive.

Why Choose a Liquid Flat Roofing System

This video discusses the advantages of choosing to use a liquid flat roofing system.

Option 1: Stripping

Strip the roof of the old covering and replace with a new covering. Now, if you start to strip the roof, you get all sorts of other options open up.

  • Should I have a temporary roof put up over the old roof to protect the building?
  • How do I get all the old materials off the roof?
  • What is the cost of dumping the rubbish?
  • What is the cost of stripping the roof?
  • Stripping the roof will trigger part L1B of the building regulations, and I will have to insulate the roof.

Once stripped: Liquid Plastic can go over the old decking if it’s sound, or can go over insulation if the roof is going to be turned into a warm roof.

Option 2: Overlaying

Overlaying the roof with the Liquid Plastic system:

  • No need for a temporary flat roof over the top as the roof will not be opened up.
  • No need for insulation.
  • Only remove the old stones and prepare the surface of the old flat roof, ready for overlaying.
  • Overlay the roof using Liquid Plastic

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