Mariseal 250 Liquid Roofing Systems Videos

Mariseal 250 Test Box

We form a box out of Mariseal 250 to show how versatile the system can
be. I use to different types of reinforcement, one with GRP fibers and the other
with GRP strands actually as part of the liquid.

Mariseal 250 Uses Explained

We explain the many uses of Mariseal 250; balcony systems, walkway, detailing and renovation of flat roofs.

Mariseal 250 Over a Box Gutter

We line an old asphalt box gutter using the Mariseal 250 liquid roofing system.
I show the preparation of the old box gutter and how we lay the Mariseal.

Mariseal 250 Over Parapet Walls

We encapsulate some parapet walls using the Mariseal 250 liquid roofing system.
I show the condition of the parapet walls before we  start and how we prepare the
walls for coating with the Mariseal 250.

Benefits of Mariseal 250 Flat Roofing System

Liquid roofing systems are perfect for going around the detailing on roofs. So what is detailing?

Detailing is dressing the roofing material around areas of the roof that are hard to get to, if you take a sheet material such as mineral felt it’s not that flexible and to try and bend it around pipes, up stands of skylights and parapet walls where the gaps between items may only be 50 mm wide means that you ruin the virtue of the material this is where a good  liquid system really comes in to its own.

We cannot use liquid systems all year round because of temperature and moisture that is in the air, generally speaking you can’t use a liquid system when the temperature drops below 5C and you also cannot use it if its raining or rain  is imminent.

Liquid roofing systems are also more expensive than sheet roofing. This is because there is a lots of preparation involved. Also you can end up with materials mixed ready to lay that cannot be lade because of circumstances such as rain therefore when you factor in the waste these liquid materials can work out very expensive.

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