Roofkrete is just ferro cement on a small scale; they’ve been building boats out of it for years!

Advantages of the RoofKrete system:

  • Unbelievably strong
  • You can walk on it
  • Solar-reflective for its lifespan
  • Maintenance free
  • 30 year guarantee from RoofKrete

Disadvantages of the GacoRoof Silicon system:

  • Extremely difficult to lay
  • Long open time to cure (will mark if it rains)
  • Cannot lay under 4ºC or in high temperatures and direct sunlight
  • Noisy to lay
  • Expensive

Let’s look at your options if you want to replace an old roof using RoofKrete :

Option 1: Stripping

Strip the roof of the old covering and replace with a new covering.
Now, if you start to strip the roof, all sorts of other options open up:

  • Should I have a temporary roof put up over the old roof to protect the building?
  • How do I get all the old materials off the roof?
  • What is the cost of dumping the rubbish?
  • What is the cost of stripping the roof?
  • Stripping the roof will trigger part L1B of the building regulations, and I will have to insulate the roof.

Once stripped: Roofkrete can go over the old decking or can go over insulation if the roof is going to be turned into a warm roof.

Option 2: Overlaying

Overlaying the roof with RoofKrete roofing system:
  • You will still need a temporary flat roof over the top if the roof is big or it’s late winter.
  • No need for insulation.
  • Only remove the old stones and prepare the surface of the old flat roof, ready for overlaying.
  • Overlay the roof using the RoofKrete system.

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