Flat Roof Estimates

Steven Dickinson of London Flat Roofing is a fully trained roofer with 30 years of experience in the roofing industry.

Steven Dickinson, our roofing estimator and technical services manager, can provide you with a written estimate. Our estimating service covers all types of roofing work, specialising in repairs, new roof installations and thorough roof inspections.

We have encountered flat roofs of just about every variety and are trained in all aspects of flat roofing systems.

If your commercial or residential building has a flat roof in need of repair, contact Steve directly on  07802 300 099 or click here to use our online form.

Steven Dickinson - London Flat Roofing

Flat Roof Estimate Service - Repairs & Replacement

Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm. (Estimates outside of these hours can be arranged)

Within 48 hours of attending the site, we will send you a detailed written estimate by post or email, which will be valid for six months from the date of issue. Our roof estimates provide full breakdown of costs and proposed schedules of works and payment.

Emergency Service – If the work is of an urgent nature, an emergency estimate can be provided, and work can commence immediately.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Insurance Backed Guarantees
  • We Get it Done on Time
  • Flexible Systems & Pricing
  • Rated 5 out of 5 by Our Customers

Flat Roof Estimate by Photos

With enough photos of the problem flat roof, we are able to provide a flat roof estimate.

Flat Roof Estimate Appointments

Estimates are generally non-chargeable. However, some estimates may incur a charge depending on the nature of the work, the area and the time of the appointment. Any charge made will be deducted from the final invoice, if and when the estimated works are carried out.

To book an estimate call Steven on 0780 230 0099.

If you wish to email Steven and you have photos and/or any specifications, please attach them so he has more information at hand when he calls you back: steve@londonflatroofing.co.uk

Flat Roof Estimates by Video

Flat roof estimates quotations and report by video.

Flat Roof Estimates By Video

If you send over enough information on your roof,  Steve can normally give you a good estimate to the cost of the work without even coming out.

Obviously at some point we will have to come out and assess the works, however, this method of estimating the works is becoming increasingly popular with customers as it enables us to give them an idea as to what the cost of the new roof will be without having to tie them to an appointment. It’s basically the first step in getting to the correct specification and the estimated cost of the new roof.

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