Is a Cold Flat Roof Right for Your Property?

Cold Roof Insulation

Is a Cold Flat Roof Right for Your Property?

A cold roof is where the entirety of the insulation is positioned either between and under or fully under the joists or deck.

No insulation is on top. The majority of domestic cold flat roofs use insulation ‘between and under’ the joists.

Difference Between Cold Roof & Warm Roof

The cold deck roof has the insulation at ceiling level and must have a ventilated cavity that is at least 50mm. The cavity must be ventilated on two opposing sides by a continuous ventilation gap of 25mm. The warm deck roof has the insulation located above the deck.

Flat Roof Insulation

Insulation is required to minimise heat losses in the winter and control intense solar gains in the summer. This will help to conserve energy and make certain thermal comfort is taken care of within the building.

Insulation may additionally help to limit condensation and help with acoustic insulation (depending on the type of insulation used).

If you have any questions regarding cold or warm roof construction, please feel free ot drop us a comment below or get in touch.

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