New Flat Roofing – Kemper System Over Plastic Roof

London Flat Roofing investigated a leak caused by two old joined leaking roofs of different materials – plastic and corrugated asbestos. With no falls on one of the roofs and lots of details to dress around, we chose the Kemper V210 System. This is reinforced fleece saturated with a resin, and can be formed around most details; when completed there are no joints, therefore safeguarding against leaks.


Kemper Test Box Finished

If your roof is leaking, a new flat roof formed from Kemper v210 is a good choice. This system is relatively cheap and comes with a good guarantee. Flat roof repairs can also be carried out using the material. New flat roofs can be layered over the old flat roof, so stripping and exposing the old decking is not always necessary.