Cleaning an Old Asphalt Flat Roof

Stripping the old system can work out expensive not only to the property owner but to the enviroment as the materials will all go to land fill when dumped. In the video I show you how we clean the top surface of an old asphalt roof and start the process of capping the old roof with one of the new liquid roofing systems the new SD650 roofing system from 3m.


Thermal Bridging of an Insulated Flat Roof, Through the Front Fascia

In this video I explain problems with insulating a roof using the warm and cold roof construction methods. Whatever new flat roof covering you choose, e.g. EPDM rubber, Kemper, Liquid Rubber Triflex, if the specification of the insulation is not correct you could have problems which could include rotting joists.


Lead on Flat Roofs Oxidising

The lead on these flat roofs is beginning to oxidise and break up before the end of its lifespan. Lead on roofs and flat roofs are supposed to last 30 to 60 years with very little maintenance. What we see more and more is lack of ventilation and roofs sweating; this problem is happening because of the lack of ventilation under the lead flashings.