Cheap Flat Roofs

Cheap Flat Roofs

Two things go to make a roof cheaper the cost of the materials and the labour to lay the materials.

Gacoroof is not only cheaper to buy by 30% its also around 50% cheaper to lay as no primers and no embedment layer, two stages that just don’t have to be undertaken. So you may ask what’s the catch?

My answer is I don’t know as it only arrived into the UK from the US last year and they have been using it over there for 50+ years, started with a small family run company now massive but still in private hands and expanding quickly I’m going over to Gacoroofs HQ in May for more training and to look round there new plant. One thing for sure its filling the gap in the market for a cheep liquid applied roofing system.

I’ve found that it has some drawbacks one of them being its relatively soft under foot, so care has to be taken if there is going to be a lot of foot traffic on the roof, realistically this is the same  for most flat roofing materials, however some are stronger than others, look at my video on the 3M™ Scotchkote™ Urethane Roof Coating SD 650 system  its very strong and you know its good under foot, however the BS standard still states that it has to be covered to take food traffic, same for mineral felt flat roofs and for Asphalt flat roofs.

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