5 Benefits of a New Warm Flat Roof

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5 Benefits of a New Warm Flat Roof

Ever wondered why the term “warm flat roof” is thrown around in the industry so frequently by roofers and property owners?

There are numerous benefits of installing a new warm flat roof at your property. We’ve outlined 8 of what we think are the best below:

  1. Warm flat roofs create little or no thermal bridging. This ensures there is no unnecessary heat-loss through joints or fixings.
  2. A warm roof is breathable, allowing moisture out. A breathable roof ensures there is no moisture build up which can lead to fungal or mould growth.
  3. A warm flat roof can be retrofitted without too many complications. This means that in some cases (not all) the roof can be fitted right over the existing roof.
  4. Warm roofs allows heat to be retained within the property. Warm roofs are simply insulated more efficiently than cold roofs because of the way they are formed.
  5. When retrofitted, warm roofs can be considerably cheaper to install than a cold roof. This means saving money that can be spent on improving other areas of the building.

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  • Doreen Kimario Reply

    I would like to know, at what conditions of the environment can warm flat roof be used

    19th February 2020 at 1:37 pm

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