Dew Point in Buildings

Dew Point in Buildings

Dew Point in Buildings

The winter – that time of year when condensation inside your roof will start to form, the lack of ventilation, insulation and movement of warm moist air from inside the building can all be part of the equation.

Have you ever wondered where the moister on a cold bottle of wine or a bear from the fridge comes from? Its the moister in the air condensing on the side. When the containers warm up, this stops happening. Not no good if you want a cold drink, imagine having a magical container that keeps itself cold forever fantastic however the condensation will drip off the bottom and make a puddle as long as the relative humidity is high.

The Importance of Ventilation

Now think about your roof, outside is cold (like the container). Inside has heated air, that can hold moisture. If your insulation or ventilation between the internal and external parts of your roof is not correct, water can condense and drip down onto your ceiling.

Not good, attention to detail, when installing new roofs flat or pitched, is paramount now that we heat our housed and insulate to the today’s standards.

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