4 Reasons to Hire an Independent Flat Roof Surveyor

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4 Reasons to Hire an Independent Flat Roof Surveyor

Regular repairs and maintenance to your flat roof is imperative if you want it to stand the test of time. These 4 issues are some of the more common things we come across.

Weathering & Ageing

The fact is that, even roofs don’t last eternally. Most parts of your property will have a maximum lifespan before they need repairing or replacing, and for the average roof that is 20-30 years. To extend this, you need to combat any weathering and ageing effects with regular maintenance.

Routine Maintenance

If your roof isn’t maintained the right way, tradespeople that are repairing other elements of your home could end up inadvertently damaging your roof. For example, if you have solar panels or an air conditioning unit that requires maintenance, the tradesmen will be needing access to the roof. While doing this, they may step on a fragile tile or aggravate a defective area, causing serious problems.

Storm Damage

High winds, hail as well as other extreme weather conditions may cause all sorts of damage to your roof. For people who have a notably bad storm it’s worth obtaining a flat roof survey to make sure that there are no loose tiles, cracks or substantial damage from falling trees or tree limbs that will need repairing.

Vegetation Damage

Vegetation, specifically moss, can grow on rooftops when gutters and low areas aren’t cleared regularly. In some circumstances, other plants as well as saplings can start growing in your gutters and work their way into your roof. Wildlife can nest on rooftops, bringing seeds and dirt along with them, or heavy winds can blow seeds up to your roof.

The challenge with plants on roofs is usually that the roots can penetrate the membrane of the roof and cause severe leaks if not found soon enough. A flat roof inspection means you can spot these little growths before they become too embedded and pull them out without causing more damage.

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