Flat Roof Surveys For Buildings Insurance – What You Need to Know

Flat Roof Surveys For Buildings Insurance

Flat Roof Surveys For Buildings Insurance – What You Need to Know

Flat Roof Surveys For Buildings Insurance

We do about 8 Flat Roof Surveys For Buildings Insurance renewals every week; this area of our work has grown since the insurance company has started to ask on the insurance renewal forms that a competent roofer access the roof and douse a roof condition report.

Flat Roof Surveys for buildings insurance reports show evidence taken when the roof survey was undertaken. They show that the roof was in good condition and will continue to perform for several years to come. Unfortunately, some roofs we do roof surveys on don’t pass.

What happens if my roof fails its roof survey?

After you have commissioned a flat roof survey for buildings insurance and it fails, the survey report will highlight what has failed and give guidelines on what works are needed to rectify the problem.


Will you re-issue free flat roof surveys after the works have been completed?

Yes, if you send over photographic evidence that all the recorded works have been undertaken as per the writing roof survey, then we will issue a new document for your insurance company stating that the roof is sound and fit for purpose.

Is London Flat roofing Independent, and will you give a truthful elevation of my roof survey?

Yes, we are independent, but I think you mean we are looking to get work from inspecting your roof.
Luckily for us, we are very busy and don’t need to look for work; we are more interested in giving you as much help as possible so that you come back to us in years to come.

London Flat roofing was primarily a roofing company but because of our Youtube channel that has been going for over ten yers, things have dramatic changes.

Last year we launch our new website and business name, London Roof Surveys

This new site has its own Youtube channel. We are now conducting so many roof surveys that we are morphing into a surveying company rather than a roofing company. More updates on this will be hosted shortly.


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