Roof inspections for insurance renewals.

Roof inspections for insurance renewals.

Doing reports on roofs for customers whose insurance companies have asked for a condition report or roof inspections on the flat roof before they will renew the insurance on here property is now becoming a big part of your business.

Over the last 4 years, we have gone from doing one a year to 8 a week, so much so that I’m ( Steven Dickinson) now solely doing roof inspections. Not only roof condition surveys but serves on roofs for potential house purchases; people wanting to know if the roof is in good condition before purchasing a house; I’m in a unique position to know only know most of the new legislation on roofs but also to be able to give a good indication on costs so they that can go back to the seller and perhaps negotiate on the asking price.

Not only is there a demand for roof inspections or roof reports for insurance and for house purchases, but there is another more upsetting trend developing.

Roof Surveyor Roof inspections

Roof Surveyor on ladder surveying a roof

Roof inspections and reports of new roofs installed badly

Unfortunately, every week, I get calls or emails from potential customers with roofs that have been installed incorrectly and need help trying to work out how to resolve problems with the roofers, who are sometimes demanding final payment for the works. The customers are sick with worry that their new roof is not good and tern to us to see if we can help them navigate through the messy situation they may be in; some of these customers are old and have already parted with a substantial amount of money for poor roof works. I often attend the property to a visual inspection and a written report and then help them to resolve the situation hopefully in a more informed and comfortable way unfortunately, some of these ends up taking a considerable amount of time and end up in court.

New Website and new business for roof inspections

Because of the demand for roof inspection and reports, I’m now breaking away from London Flat roofing and have formed a new company called.

London Roof Surveys.

I’ve also now set up a new youtube channel where I’m going to concentrate on doing videos on roof inspections.
This is a link to my new channel on youtube. 


This is a video I put up on youtube, it’s just undeliverable thankfully, the customer had not parted with much money.


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