Top 3 Things to Look for When Having Your Flat Roof Inspected


Top 3 Things to Look for When Having Your Flat Roof Inspected

In this article we look at the top 3 things to focus on when we inspect a flat roof for building insurance purposes.

Pooling Water

Since your roof is flat, when it rains or snows, there’s nowhere for that precipitation to go. As your home settles over time, the roof itself will shift a bit, meaning it might not be as level as it was when it was first installed. This may cause water to pool in divots and dips in your roof. While most materials are manufactured to hold up to water, you should drain these pools as soon as possible and check to make sure that water didn’t seep into lower layers of the roof. If pooling is allowed to linger, it’s likely to deteriorate the exterior of your roof, shortening the lifetime of the flat roof.

Crack in Roof

Flat roofs tend to have more pressure exerted on them, since they are flat instead of slanted. Sometimes this pressure can build up, and if the pressure and stress become excessive, it can cause your roof to crack. In the event that your roof does crack, you should call a professional immediately. In addition to exposing your home to precipitation, a crack in the roof is often a sign that your roof is structurally compromised, and it’s time for a new one.


Just like most other materials, asphalt flat roofs tend to expand and contract with changing weather and temperatures. Over time, this continued expansion and contraction can cause the flashing to pull away from the edges and corners of your roof, leading to leaks and moisture that can get trapped inside your roof. The best way to avoid this is to inspect and maintain your flat roof regularly. Once the leaks become significant, or if you have a lot of deterioration in the flashing, you’ll be forced to get a new roof.

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  • alosha khan Reply

    Gutters increase the lifespan of your roof and reduce the water damage to the roof. For the installation of gutters, no matter what material, on your roof, you can trust us to do our best thank you for sharing information i like this

    5th July 2020 at 7:41 pm
    • Steven Dickinson Reply

      Yes thanks for the comment however the water has to get to the gutters for the gutters become a useful item on a flat roof. So having the correct flat roof at the correct angle and allowing the water to fall into the guttering is what we do when we are building flat roofs

      15th August 2020 at 8:08 pm

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