Flat Roof Surveys For Buildings Insurance – What You Need to Know

Flat Roof Surveys For Buildings Insurance

Flat Roof Surveys For Buildings Insurance – What You Need to Know

A typical issue with roof coverings of any type is successfully determining the problem any time things go bad. Plus, generally, that means preventing water from penetrating.

Flat roofs result in a way more considerable risk for insurance companies when compared with pitched and tiled roofs. Considering the prospect of the extra weight of rainwater or snow to build up on flat roofs to a point which simply wouldn’t happen with a traditional rooftop, quite a few regular insurance companies can’t cover this risk as well as the UK’s record breaking snowfall every year, less and less insurance providers are going to be undertaking the risk.

The exterior issue might not be anywhere near to the place the leak becomes apparent indoors. Oftentimes water can be found among layers of roofing components for a number of months prior to actually leaking out into the dwelling. To make matters worse, water doesn’t generally come through the ceiling on a nice sunny day when you’re in a good mood to manage it either!

Problems generally become apparent whenever heavy rainfall compounds an already existing issue. So it’s safer to invest a short period up a ladder now, on the lookout for those tell-tale signs of a leak, rather than dealing with them on dark wet night in the depths of winter weather.

Have you been asked for an insurance survey for a flat roof? Contact us to book a surveyor.

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