EPDM Rubber Roofing

Parapet Wall Chimney Pots Being Dressed With EPDM Single Ply Rubber

This gives an idea as to what we were up against. Our specification for this new flat roof was to strip the old roof, apply insulation and re-roof using EPDM rubber. Just what we were going to do with the parapet walls and chimneys was always going to be up for debate and, as part of the pricing, we had discussed that a Provisional Costs (PC) sum should be put to one side to deal with the renovation of this area.


What Can Happen if You Don’t Get the Vapour Barrier in the Correct Place

One thing’s for sure, all the insulation on the roof will have to come out and we will have to probe the timbers to find out their moisture content before we can even think of re-roofing. We have our suspicions that not only was the vapour barrier not installed correctly on this roof, but the roof was also leaking in places. I will post more videos as the job progresses.