Rotten Water Tank on Flat Roof

Rotten Water Tank on Flat Roof

This flat roof has been covered with a single ply flat roofing membrane. It’s a TPO and not an EPDM single ply. The water tank on the flat roof is in a unbelievably bad state of repair; the lid to the water tank has rotted away and is falling into the tank so the water must be compromised!

We have been asked to replace the roof, re-build the tank housing, insulate the roof to the new Building Regulations Part L1b and then re-cover the roof using a new single ply membrane.

We will either be using EPDM rubber or Liquid rubber as the new roof. Kemper is an option, however Kemper on such a big roof will work out expensive for a new flat roof covering. Hopefully the customer will also want us to insulate the roof to the new Building Regulations Part L1b, so we will then make this old flat roof into a new warm roof, by fixing the roof insulation over the top.

With new flat roof insulation on this roof, the surface will be perfect for sheets of EPDM rubber. We supply and fix new rubber flat roofs all over London. This roof is in Wembley and you can just see the the new Wembley Stadium in the background.

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