Skylights in an Old 3-layer Felt Roof

Skylights in an Old 3-layer Felt Roof

Skylight in Old Felt Roof

This is a skylight in an old three layer felt roof. Although the roof is leaking and needs changing, the skylights are sound and can be used again.

Cleaning Tar From Skylights

Here you can see the old skylights being cleaned, ready to be re-used. The old black tar is scraped away from the upstand, ready for re-fixing.

EPDM Cut Around Skylight

In this picture the EPDM single ply roofing membrane has been cut away, ready for the skylight to be re-fitted into position, and the EPDM rubber to be dressed around it.

Finished Job - Skylights

Here is the finished job, showing both skylights, completely water-tight. You can see just how effective this system is. With so few joints, there is very little that can go wrong. Also there is no need for any solar-reflective stones or paint. This membrane is completely UV stable and guaranteed for 20 years.

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