Kemperol Self-terminating System

Kemperol Self-terminating System

Kemper is a liquid flat roofing membrane, it is not an EPDM rubber liquid. Kemper is a liquid resin that’s impregnated into a fleece fabric to give it depth and strength. As it’s a liquid flat roofing material it is easily applied to roofs with lots of detail on them. If we were to use a sheet roofing material e.g., sheet EPDM rubber, we would have to cut and patch the rubber in lots of different places, thus taking away the properties of using sheet materials.

So we find ourselves using sheet rubber EPDM on most of the large flat roofs and liquid Kemper on more complicated roofs. Kemper flat roofing comes in several different systems, however the two we mainly use are the Kemperol V210 or the Kemperol 2K-PUR (solvent-free and odourless) Kemperol 2K-PUR it suitable for use in areas where solvent-based products would be disruptive, such as near air-conditioning units that are often placed on roofs.

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