Kemper Roofing System

Kemper Roofing System

Kemper Roofing System

Hi Steven,

We spoke via email about 5 years back.  I was asking your opinion on The Kemper Roofing system.  After getting your positive feedback I became authorized and have been installing ever since with great waterproofing success.  Over the years I have had the some complaints and wanted your opinion.


  • Primer drying time.
  • Kemper drying time and sticky texture for months.
  • How the cold or damp weather can put a complete stop to installation.
  • Over burden products and color choices. Basically using the Kemper as an actual  finished walkable terrace surface does not seem practical with their product line over a wood frame roof.
  • The inability to hide the overlap seams.
  • The visual look of roof after a few years is very unattractive to say the least. Turns a very dirty, mildewy black color.
  • Difficulty in understanding entire product line and tech support not very helpful. Seem to get mis or different information depending who I speak to at Kemper.  They only seem to push the products they want to sell.  Like the 2 K Pur, which I do not like at all for large areas.  Only use on shower pans.

There are other products that seem to take care of most of these issues I have. But I have absolutely no complaints on the performance of Kemper and after installing hundreds of thousand sq ft I have never had a leak or major issue.

My sense is one of two things. Either Kemper takes so much longer to dry and install start to finish because the products are in the end stronger.  Or other companies have found a way to provide the same strength in their system with accelerated drying times and have more options on the finished look.  Which would mean Kemper is no longer on the cutting edge.

But having a formula with a 60 plus year track record of it working speaks for itself.  Do you have any comments or advice on the is matter.  I have of recent been reviewing the SIPLAST and SOPREMA which seem to address all of my complaints.

Thank You for your time, I enjoy the information you provide online very much.

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