Kemperol v210 Balcony Overlay

Kemperol v210 Balcony Overlay

The customer’s insurance company made the decision to dress over this new, but leaking, asphalt balcony. The roofing details to the parapet wall and the railings are very poor; the roof was leaking in several places. As the majority of the roof is detail and to dismantle the windows and the railing would be expensive, the decision was to take a two stage approach to stopping the roof from leaking.

The first strategy would be to cover the old asphalt roof and all the upstands using the Kemperol v210 System and to observe if this solved the problem. If not, the next strategy would be to remove the railings and the doors, and dress the roofing system under, forming the flashings correctly. Luckily our first strategy stopped the roof from leaking and the very costly second strategy was never implemented. The ability of the Kemper to seal around the railings and directly to the asphalt solved all the leaks.

Top 10 Reasons to use Kemperol v210

  1. The Kemperol V210 system is a self-terminating flat roofing membrane.
  2. The system is only 3mm thick.
  3. It is designed to go over tar-based roofing products such as asphalt and mineral felt.
  4. It stays flexible for its entire lifespan.
  5. It’s easy to dress into difficult details such as box gutters and around pipes.
  6. It can be joined to itself at any time during its lifespan.
  7. It’s solar-reflective for its entire life span (unlike asphalt that needs re-painting with solar-reflective paint).
  8. Unlike EPDM rubber, Kemper is not black therefore it will reduce the amount of heat being transferred into the roof or the room below (major factor to consider when overlaying a roof without using insulation).
  9. Can be tiled over.
  10. 10 or 20 year insurance-backed guarantees available.
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