Photos of Insulation being laid over Old Decking.

Photos of Insulation being laid over Old Decking.

Insulation Ready to be Laid

The roof has been stripped and the insulation has already been taken up the scaffolding, ready to go down.

Insulation Laid Over Old Decking

Here you can see that the insulation has been laid out over the old decking and is being screwed down, ready for the finishing layer of EPDM single ply rubber to be laid.

Cutting the Chase for Flashings

Now the insulation is down, we can work out the height of the upstands and cut out a chase, ready for inserting a new flashing into the wall after the EPDM has been laid.

Stack of Insulation Sheets

This photo shows the stack of insulation that was needed on the above roof. As you can see, it’s quite a stack and logistically it’s also quite a problem to move around, get up the scaffolding and so on.

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