Smart Board Composite Decking For Flat Roofs

Smart Board Composite Decking For Flat Roofs

In this video our founder Steven Dickinson demonstrates the installation of the new smart board composite decking for flat roofs.

On this flat roof we didn’t use timber decking but the new Smart Board composite decking. It cuts like wood and fits like wood. This dark coloured decking looked good from the start and looks as if it will clean up very easily. The decking was fitted over a new liquid roofing system that was applied over the old asphalt roof. The expected life of the roofing system is the same as the decking 25 years.

Features of Smart Board Decking

  • Low risk of slip surface.
  • Doesn’t look or feel plastic.
  • Easy to maintain.

The solid profile and special formulation of SmartBoard means it can be screw fixed just like timber decking. This allows you frame your deck for a stunning finish, more generally only possible with solid wood or traditional decking.

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