GRP Flat Roofing Issues

Badly Laid GRP Flat Roof

GRP Flat Roofing Issues

Hi Steven,

Having viewed most of your videos on your YouTube channel, I’m wondering if you cover the Portsmouth area for a small flat roof covering?

I’m planning a 7m x 3m extension utilising a warm roof construction I think. The roof will also have a 3m x 1m roof light in it.

Therefore, I’m wondering if:

  • This is the type of job would would take on?  Covering only, as due to budget I’m planning on doing the construction myself.
  • Which type of covering you would recommend?  I had planned GRP but now unsure!
  • If you do cover our area, an estimated cost for the roof covering?

I look forward to your earliest response,

Kindest Regards,

Yes, I do work down that way!

If you are going to have a GRP roof, make sure the installers are ex-boatbuilders, as they know how to lay GRP properly. Roofers don’t tend to understand GRP, and from my understanding, they only lay it in one ply (one layer). Next week I’m working with a GRP mould-maker who has worked with GRP for years, and I will be producing a video on how to do it correctly.

As a roofer, going out and fixing roofs, I come across lots of different types of roofs; badly laid GRP flat roofs crack and leak. Typically I see 10 or so a year like this. I see lots that haven’t been finished correctly. The general rule of thumb is that if a system is complicated, the roofers will get it wrong. GRP is not the most straightforward of materials to lay! Keep the system simple.

You have a 21m² roof (approx.). If the roof is not going to be walked upon, then EPDM will be the cheapest at around £50/m², supplied and installed. If you are looking for a completely seamless flat roofing system, that’s also flexible (unlike GRP), then the 3M™ Scotchkote™ Urethane Roof Coating SD 650 is the one to go for, at around £70/m².

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