SD650 New Flat Roof Covering

SD650 New Flat Roof Covering

First we clean the old asphalt roof then we work on the old asphalt up-stands you can see we have replaced them with wood and straitened them out this will make the new flat roof look better but also make it easier for us to apply the SD650 liquid roofing system.

The new SD650 system make detailing round pipes and hard to get to areas easy, on this flat roof you can see we had to dress around the tank and the pipes coming through the roof, after cleaning the roof it was just a matter of applying the SD650 to the area, if we cannot use a roller, a brush is OK.

The 3m SD650 system is applied in two coats the first coat is dark and the second light when applying the second coat we know we have the correct depth when we cannot see the first coat, some roofing systems rely on just one coat and unfortunately this can lead to problems because the correct depth of material is not always achieved.

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