Front Fascia Flat Roof Detail

Front Fascia Flat Roof Detail

Thermal Bridging Through Front Fascia

In this video, our principal surveyor – Steven Dickinson, explains problems with insulating a roof using the warm and cold roof construction methods.

Whatever new flat roof covering you choose EPDM rubber, Kemper, Liquid Rubber, Triflex, Mariseal etc; if the specification of the insulation is not correct you could have problems. Some of the problems you may have are rotting joists and sweating of the roof because of thermal bridging.

Warm flat roofs are very forgiving, however, if not installed correctly, cold spots are easily built into the roof and problems with sweating may occur.

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  • Chris Reply

    Your flat roof construction detail drawing has one obvious mistake. No flat roof is truly flat. Whether the joists are angled or you use firrings.

    The other is putting OSB and insulation on even a slightly sloping roof means everything from the top of the joist up will not be plumb but run at an angle. NO ONE online shows you this which is terrible. Meaning any second facia will have a gap between the first facia where it meets the joists and the very top OSB sheeting.

    Surely everything from the joists up need to be trimmed to take account of the angle of the roof????

    You should explain this on your videos as no one else does either.



    5th October 2018 at 11:24 am

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