Warm Roof, Cold Roof Problem

Warm Roof, Cold Roof Problem

Warm Roof, Cold Roof Problem

Over the years, an old flat roof can be upgraded. The ceilings below are taken down and insulation is added between the joists, which isn’t necessarily a problem. However, as changes are made in the property below, problems may start to happen.

The flat roof we are working on at the moment has insulation between the joists, and it’s been there for a number of years. It was only when the owner of the flat rented it out to some students that the problems started – condensation running down the walls and dripping through the ceiling. The main change in the flat was the amount of people and the amount of extra moisture introduced into the air. Before, the flat had one person living in it; that changed to four, generating extra body moisture, extra showers and extra cooking.

Due to the lack of a vapour barrier and the incorrect positioning of the insulation, the moisture in the air has been condensing on the cold surfaces inside the roof, dripping thorough the ceiling and running down the walls.

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