New Mineral Felt Roof Ealing

New Mineral Felt Roof

New Mineral Felt Roof Ealing


hope you can help. We have a small flat roof at our property in Ealing the bedroom below it was absolutely freezing this winter – we only moved in recently. The roof itself is in good condition and has recently been recovered. What would be the best option for us to insulate this roof? It seems silly to rip up the exiting covering as it is in good condition, but it really is chilly in there.

Thanks in Advance


if the new roof covering is flat and sound as it should be we can use it as the vapour barrier, fix insulation over and then a new flat roof covering over that. If you have any photos of the flat roof please email them over also an idea of the size of the roof, I can then give you an idea of the costs involved. A photo from the bottom of the garden and your address also this helps me work out if we need scaffolding or not.


Steven Dicknson

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