Lead on Flat Roofs Oxidising

Lead on Flat Roofs Oxidising

The lead on these flat roofs is beginning to oxidise and break up before the end of its lifespan. Lead on roofs and flat roofs are supposed to last 30 to 60 years with very little maintenance. What we see more and more is lack of ventilation and roofs sweating; this problem is happening because of the lack of ventilation under the lead flashings.

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  • Toni Fardella Reply

    My garage lead roof is leaking slightly. It appears that this might be happening because there is some splitting at the ends of the roll bars.
    The roof was made by the previous owner of the house – who was not a roofer but a plumber who had a go.
    My wife wants to do away with the lead roof and get a felt roof instead. I would like to see if we can repair the lead roof before we go to that trouble and expense. We have had a number of local roofers come to have a look and each gives us a different opinion.
    I wonder if anyone could give me some advice as to what to do. We live in Eastbourne East Sussex
    I would like to post some pictures for you to see, but not sure I can do that here.
    Best wishes

    31st August 2019 at 12:59 pm

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