​Flat roof reports for renewing your insurance on your house

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​Flat roof reports for renewing your insurance on your house

When did you last have your flat roof report for insurance?
In your insurance renew letter it’s becoming common to be asked if you have a flat roof and when was it last inspected. More and more now, I am receiving phone calls from house owners that require a report on their flat roof to give to the insurance company.
We attend the property, gain access to the flat roof and take photos video and measurements and compile a report on the condition of the roof.
When doing a flat roof survey for insurance, I mostly find that we can give a good bill of health. We can make recommendations and give our opinion on how long we think the flat roof can last if maintained.
If you are interested in a flat roof report for your insurance company or even for your peace of mind, please call or email over your details. If you have any other information such as measurements and photos, then please attach.

Generally speaking its good practise having a professional roofer to a yearly or by yearly inspection of your flat roof. After the first year or two of inspections, we can normally fall into a routine as we shoud know how the roof works. Some roofs have to have roof inspections every six months because of the buildup of leaves and debris at the outlets other we find keep themselves clear for two or three years the flat roof reporting or inspection period can be far greater.

This video is of a recent roof report we did, and we found even tow the roof was new it hadn’t been laid the GRP roofers correctly didn’t know what they were doing, and hadn’t laid the system correctly.

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