New website for London Roof Surveys

New website for London Roof Surveys

Because I’m getting old and because the demand for roof surveys has become so much, I have set up a new website called London roof surveys. I’m not actually competing with myself. I’m just trying to distinguish between doing roof repairs and new roofs and doing roof surveys and reports. London roof surveys is still part of the London flat roofing group. However, it’s there to catch more surveying work of roofs.

London Roof Surveys new website

London Roof Surveys new website

It’s quite interesting the way the market has gone. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of roofers who understand how to build roofs any more and more and more my expertise find myself trying to sort out the problems that have been built into roofs lack of ventilation or the misunderstanding on how to fit an Air Vapour Control Layer (AVCL).

Recently I have been writing articles for roofing today magazine. These articles highlight the problems we have in the roofing industry.

Although I never trained as a surveyor and in fact, there is no such thing as a roof surveyor, I’m probably more qualified than a general surveyor to survey a roof, because of my knowledge in roofing, not only have I got a good knowledge of roofing materials, but also of the specifications.

It’s quite interesting my son-in-law, Bob joined me at lockdown after being made redundant from the airline business. He was an airline mechanic who served his apprenticeship.  When I was sitting down teaching him about roofing, I happened to show him some of the British Standard files that I have on roofing, probably seven of them, each one of them cost two or £300. As I started to go through them with him. He didn’t realise that I had to pay to get them and he was quite amazed that this was the fact, he assumed that all builders and roofers were able to get hold of these documents free. Unfortunately that’s just not the case and has he quite rightly said how are they expected to know how to install roofing products if they have not got access to the British standard documents.

Anyhow I diverse from the main subject. The new website is starting to bring quite a lot of roof surveys.

  • We do a lot of housebuyers’ roof surveys.
  • Insurance renewal surveys.
  • Roof condition surveys.

A lot of insurance companies now want a competent person to assess the condition of the roof before they will renew the insurance on the property.
We call these roof condition surveys.

If you would like any of these surveys carried out on one of your properties, feel free to contact me here at London, flat roofing or a new website.

London roof surveys

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