New Flat Roof Estimate N8 Hornsey

New Flat Roof Camden

New Flat Roof Estimate N8 Hornsey

Please can you give me  a cost to replace the flat roofs in the photos I’ve sent, one is my roof and one is my neighbours.


Thanks for the photos of the flat roofs, both are mineral felt roofs and in good condition.

You haven’t given me the sizes so I assume 5×3  15 square meters each, then there will be the up-stands so I’m assuming 16 squire meters each.

Do you want to just cap them? Or do you want to insulate them to the new building control specifications? If its just capping then Gacoroof or 3M SD650. If you want to insulate them then EPDM rubber over the insulation turning the roofs into warm roofs.

Assuming both roofs can be undertaken at the same time the prices for the new flat roofs will be:

  • Overlay with GacoRoof  2 x flat roofs £1,650.00.
  • Overlay with 3M SD650 2 x flat roofs £2,450.00.
  • If you are going to insulate the roofs the cost will be £1450.
  • EPDM rubber £1250.00.
  • Scaffolding will be needed if the roofs are to be insulated £1200 (estimated).
  • Flashing’s to parapet walls will be needed on all options allow £450 (estimated).

I do need to see the location and the roofs to be able to fix the prices however this should give you an idea as to the cost. Please get back to me if you need any more information.

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